We are a company that deals with EXPRESS DELIVERIES across Europe. We have vehicles of different sizes at our disposal, ranging from automobiles to trucks that can fit in ten euro-pallets. We will arrange the quickest product import and export in the shortest time possible.
Our vehicles are equipped for dangerous goods transport (ADR) and also transport of goods under a controlled temperature regime (FRIGO).
Thousands of clients around Europe have verified our reliability, precision and speed.

Vehicle park
Truck bed area
length: 180 cm
width: 122 cm
height: 117 cm
number of euro-pallets: 2
maximum load: 700 kg

Cooling trucks
Truck bed area
length: 340 cm
width: 140 cm
height: 177 cm
number of euro-pallets: 4 - 6
maximum load: 1000 kg

Tarpaulin trucks
Truck bed area
length: 492 cm
width: 226 cm
height: 246 cm
number of euro-pallets: 8 - 10
maximum load: 1200 kg